Wukan… Comments can be made here on Previous Post and its Updates

I’ve added a few updates which I regard as important, some of which may have not been covered by other weblords.

Pls comment on previous thread here since, after changing my title I seem to have closed the comment section.

I bloody hate those overly precious sites who put up a piece and simply shutdown the comment section. Usually folk who like to parade their incomplete academic credentials. Two guesses.

Update. Wukan village ups the ante HERE. Planned march to retrieve Xue’s body and the problem for the govt is the presence of so many western cameras.

Latest Google plus HERE by Rachel Betairie who had a very good blog sometime ago.

4 Responses to “Wukan… Comments can be made here on Previous Post and its Updates”

  1. kingtubby1 Says:

    Lorin. I’m cannot really say, but Moore’s tweets point to an influx of media, plus questions regarding the best method of entering Wukan.

    The folk there have to be very careful in regard to talking to foreign media for obvious reasons.

    Other than that, we will just have to wait till the Google News Reader does its turnover, sometime after midnight for me, but I get BBC news from 10.00 pm onwards each night.

  2. Lorin Yochim Says:

    Cheers. Was wondering about this RE your(or someone else’s?) comment about the protestors doing the right thing by not using foreign media.

  3. justrecently Says:

    You have to expect the worst once you’ve joined such a movement, especially in a leading position. Xue Jinbo‘s fate bears witness to that. I’m thinking of their interviews as some kind of legacy – and after all, only foreign media will help to record it.

  4. kingtubby1 Says:

    JR. I think we are in total agreement as to the importance of this event as well as its interpretation, so I wont throw up more links since you probably have as much background as I do via google reader.

    On a general note, discussion across sites is pretty disappointing.

    You know my past predictions regarding the shape and form of resistance to rural land theft, and I was both wrong and surprised by the savvy preparation and counter-organisation displayed by the villagers in Wukan.

    If the authorities cannot solve this in a manner which satisfies the villagers, my rather more apocalyptic predictions of chaos and bloodshed/payback by aggrieved former land holders will probably be realised in the future.

    The other big one. How long can the authorities maintain an information digital cordon sanitaire around this event, because it would most certainly resonate across the country.

    Interesting times since the govt has been pretty successful to date in controlling the net and isolating/localising incidences of unrest.
    This will be Beijing’s litmus test from now on.

    It also breaching the Party’s narrative that is is either us in the drivers seat or social chaos. At least for the Western observer that is.

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