China Plans a Cat Killing Spree for Xmas….Hoax?

BBC reports that Kim Jong-il is dead, but just to make sure Im flying to DPROK post-haste to drive a silver stake through his heart.

Pre-flight Update.

Following my earlier pieces on football in China, I was pleased to pick up my copy of the Economist at the airport and read this comprehensive and quite long article

Why China fails at football
Little red card
The telling reasons why, at least in football, China is unlikely to rule the world in the near future

In brief, it argues that the endemic corruption in Chinese football is simply a reflection of the larger societal context, and it makes this point in excruciating detail.

And surprise, surprise. The first comment leading off discussion is Maitreya Bhakal one of the stalwarts from the Hidden Harmonies Blog. And how does he address the issue? Well, we get an India/China comparison, which as you know is SOP for HH crowd.

I was planning a Xmas post full of goodwill towards fellow bloggers/commenters, etc. A sort of cleansing process before the New Year, which includes burying old grievances and putting a cordon sanitaire around my dark side. Goodwill stuff towards all Comrades and fellow Keyboard Gunslingers, but had my breakfast totally ruined by China Daily and the Global Times, PRCs window to the world.

The Global Times reports HERE that Online groups plan Xmas cat-killing spree.

Animal lovers are condemning and trying to halt an alleged organized attempt to abuse and kill over 1,000 cats on Christmas Eve.

Some Web users reportedly plan to kill 1,314 cats on December 24 in cities all over China, to pay tribute to the founder of an “Abuse and kill cats” online chat group, according to an animal protection activist in Beijing, who identified herself as Lynn.

The QQ chat group was uncovered by some animal protection activists who went online “undercover.”
Discover China. Discover the World

The public mood is surly and brittle this Yuletide Season – insert your own contradictions here – but the China Daily soldiers on dispensing nonsense and intimations of this large and unruly Kingdoms’ future directions.

Nonsense first HERE. “Beijing reaches annual ‘blue sky days’ target”. Beijings Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau use a concept of evidence quiet at odds with normal usage, but what the heck, I don’t live there.

As of Sunday, Beijing has enjoyed 274 days of “blue sky” in 2011, fulfilling its annual target ahead of schedule, an official with Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said Sunday.

Future directions HERE. Well, this says it all once you get rid of the bs spin. China to upgrade detention houses.

SHANGHAI – China plans to spend 46.3 billion yuan ($7.2 billion) upgrading police-run detention houses in the coming five years, an official with the Ministry of Public Security said Saturday.

Enough of this social formation and its unpleasant system of government.
Some perfectly formed sounds and where better to start than with my/KTs theme song recorded four decades ago, and still luminescent for a number of reasons.

King Tubby analogue Master Mixer with Augustus Pablo on melodica (an instrument on step up from the recorder).

Another piece by this pathbreaking duo with killer brass lines. Note: if there is one musical genre where the trombone has found a home, it is in ska, vintage reggae and dub.

And if you like to be close proximity to power ie live in Beijing, this is for you. Even while you choke on the atmosphere, the intro here should raise a laugh.

For my recent guest music correspondent, some key Garage Sounds.

The Litter a late sixties garage band from Minneapolis released one brilliant LP Distortions (mostly of covers) with this perfect example of power pop opening their vinyl treasure. Try their version of Buffy St Marie’s Codiene, one of many garage versions found on youtube.

Tell me that this aint the perfect track!

Texas may have spawned the Bush clan, but it also pioneered this mix of surf fuzz and psychedelia. The Undertakers take on Unchain My Heart

The multi-volume series High in the Mid-Sixties has pride of place in my soundscape, and no more so than The Sharpels Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn.

I’m beginning a global petition to bring back the Farfisa organ….sign up here.

Finally, the late great jazz crooner Charles Brown with Merry Xmas Baby

And Dear Reader, go easy on the plum duff, don’t unwrap all your presents at once, and catch you in the digital world again when there is more news from China that fits.

2 Responses to “China Plans a Cat Killing Spree for Xmas….Hoax?”

  1. the joke Says:

    Hey, Tub how long since you wiped red chinese dust from your chinos?

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Joker. You must be my imposter on PD.

    I’m letting you out of the spam prison and giving you 100 hours of community service.

    Use this provisional release time well and improve your mimetic writing skills.

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