Wukan, Malcolm Mooore and Custer’s ChinaGeeks..plus Updates.

Shanwei County. This particular land grab. Its all about location, location and location.

Dear Reader. If like me, you will be entranced by the reporting by Malcolm Moore of The Telegraph and Custer’s ChinaGeeks on the rapidly unfolding story on the self-government movement in Wukan, Quangdong Province.

Rather than rehash the whole thing here, go to Moore’s latest report HERE and then hop over to Custer’s site HERE.

This is reporting and blogging at its very best. The only thing I can add to this business is the background on how Moore gained entry to Wukan HERE.

Off you go, Dear Reader. This is where its at in the media world today.

Very Grouchy Update.

Moore as reporter, Custer (and to a lesser extent PD and the Shanghaiist) report on one of the most important developments in China for ages, and there is virtual silence or at best marginal commentary by the chatterati. Custers Two Parts had 20 entries last I looked.

F…..insane. I seen trivial op pieces on slow news weeks on these mainstream sites getting close to 200 comments per thread. (As cross site addicts are aware, Thought Leader Pugster and I rightfully got the boot from ChinaGeeks last week for continually breaching the comment guidelines, and it was a good call on Custer’s part.)

The way this movement in Wukan has unfolded in a very organised manner – solidarity and the creation of their own de facto local government – also puts paid to a long-held view of mine, that any village resistance such as this would involve bloodshed and the use of sharpened farm implements on hated cadres. How wrong my theorising was!

Are blogs an elevating, educational medium.

I have serious doubts.

China Daily HERE just in. Love the last sentence.

Custer has just uploaded Part 111 of this unfolding story and it is rivetting.

Latest Updates.

Govt uses divide and conquer strategy HERE

BBC interview with a villager about the snatch and torture thugs used by local govt HERE.

You can read Malcolm Moore’s recent tweets Tweets HERE and he has posted some photos.

How about this for a statistic on land sales, the carbuncle behind most rural unrest. And as local govts have to service massive loans, expect this figure to rise in the near future.

“Land confiscations have been the leading trigger for protest in recent years as local governments try to fill their coffers with real estate deals. Local governments last year took in $470 billion from land deals, up from $70 million in 1989, according to the Ministry of Land and Resources”.

Above from Barbara Demick LATimes HERE.

3 Responses to “Wukan, Malcolm Mooore and Custer’s ChinaGeeks..plus Updates.”

  1. bucketoftongues Says:

    Agree with you about the quality of Malcolm Moore and Charles Custer’s pieces. Superb. I especially liked Moore’s piece about how he got into Wukan on Google+. Disagree about the comments, though: sometimes a story just doesn’t leave much to add. I also rarely read comments sections, as they generally leave much to be desired (I know, ironic, huh?).

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Thats why I put it up Mike. Ditto comments: My views were already formed on this one: the most important story in ages and bugger all comments on Custers 11 @ 111. Says something about the state of the Blogosphere.

    Yes, as I said somehere else about his entry into the village. “The old Maxwell Smart trick with the black car, dark windows and no plates”

    Thats reporting cojones.

    Cheers, and no comments about my suggested three football transfer?

  3. Lorin Yochim Says:

    Any idea what’s happening with access to Wukan? Just saw a BBC TV report. Perhaps sneaking is easier than Moore suggested?

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