China’s Economic Exceptionalism….an oxymoron in the making

Try these three reads cherry picked without much due diligence from Google Reader.

From First Post by Venky Vembu HERE. Who can resist with a name like that.

From the Huffington Post by Sheldon Filger HERE, and I don’t approve of the hat.

From Reuters HERE on Ordos which has already received a ton of attention.

The money quote:

More worrisome, the property market, which contributes about 10 percent of Chinese growth and drives activity in 50 other sectors, could drag the real economy to a hard landing.

And the high school biol analogy. The Chinese economy is bit like a big frog in a container of water which is slowly being heated. The ability to jump free and into a new policy direction is simply not possible.

Since it is the weekend and we have laboured mightily during the past week to put bread on the table (and we need to clean up our favourites):

Free entry to virgins at China park HERE

According to a tourism official quoted by Global Times, they’re going with the honour system.

“We are simply trusting in their honesty,” the official said.

An oldie, I know.

And while on this subject, Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council has just found a connection between women driving and the loss of virginity.

Where do these misogynistic theological beards get off!!

We pioneered this state of affairs in Oz decades ago, when we invented the panel van and the drive-in theatre.

So there.

Don't laugh. Your daughter could be inside.

Enjoy the weekend, companeros.

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