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You Read it Here First, Okay

October 10, 2012

On a few occasions I have made a passing reference to some Sino topic, only to see other sites make a big deal out of it a few days later. Mucho aggrieved.

So lets break with tradition and be first for once, and heaven help any site which posts this big-time without a hat tip.

Okay Team, I’m feeling a bit arrogant this morning, but this is tremendous stuff. And I won’t be left in a dark and vengeful space.

Miao Cuihua video protest

Clad in a blue plaid shirt and speaking with a rural accent, Miao Cuihua trips over her words as she demands unpaid wages, her “blood and sweat money” for toiling on a construction project.

Miao is certainly not the first migrant worker in China to complain about unpaid wages, but her act of protest has probably been seen by more of her fellow citizens than any other salary dispute in history.

Rather than going to her former employer’s office or lodging a petition with the government – the normal forms of protest in China – Miao took her appeal to the internet with a cleverly produced video that has gone viral and been reported widely by local media.

The success of the video lies in its mimicry of official propaganda. It is a crude facsimile of the stuffy news conferences regularly hosted by government departments. Miao (likely a pseudonym) stands stiffly at a lectern with the title of the news conference emblazoned on the screen behind her: “Migrant Worker Unpaid Salary News Conference”.

Her wording, from her stuffy preamble to her indignation, is lifted almost verbatim from foreign ministry briefings.

Read on from Beyondbrics HERE.

Be Warned. I will be policing this like a Tong Lord.

The only exception is Tea Leaf Nation, full-stop.