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Eat Your Heart Out China.

September 20, 2012

Its time for a surfing interlude featuring superhot Nao Omura, who is presently ranked 39 in the ASP World Womens Rankings.

Just a great image.

Nao’s girl file HERE.

And if you get the urge, Magicseaweed provides serious global surf forecasts.

And being an equal opportunity blogger, here are some great videos of Hiroto Arai – who I have already posted on – aged all of 18 and winning major competitions all over tubbyland.

HERE and hit videos.

The internet just keeps giving and giving.

Surf Art: Club of the Waves has to be the most exciting site I’ve discovered. Comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Check out the Japanese surf art (1-44 slides) by Mayumi Tsubokura, who has just about meet everybody in the pantheom. Judging by his interview, he has led a life most of us can only dream about.

Also a tremendous button opening onto the world of women surf artists here/a>.

Let’s pinch a preview example.

Colleen Malia Wilcox

Manifest Destiny meets the Pacific.

November 20, 2011

Waiting for the lynch mob to descend upon the zhongnanhai can be a bit frustrating, so here goes.

The history of white America was one of Manifest Destiny with genocide, strip mining and dead buffalo. Taking a key theme found in Mike Davis’ City of Quartz (which I’ve enjoyed many times), the founding fathers who laid out the city plans for Los Angeles were proto white supremacist Anglo-Saxons. Lebensraum beside the Pacific.

City of Quartz with the rotten new cover

Barney Hoskyns in his Waiting for the Sun provides a totally white bread history of Californian rock kicking off with the Beach Boys. This mold was broken once only and that was by Sly and The Family Stone. Hoskyns was acutely aware of this contradiction.

Thus his cover.

Very Hispanic with a measure of sexual ambiguity.

Thing got a little strange however, when white folk started entering the Pacific Ocean:

Annette and Frankie

The Gidget fanchise is almost up there with the James Bond royalty stream – sequels, TV shows, etc – surfing being milked by Hollywood for all its worth. Annette and Frankie would have been more at home in the Italian sections of New York. Frankie surfed in front of a moving background, while Mouseketeer Annette got by on her assets.


In the face of decaying technology, lets go to the crux of this post, being my enjoyment of surf art. And where better to begin than with Don Severson’s Ranchland, a water colour which displays a discomforting quality at odds with the innocence found in his main body of work.

Ranchland a water colour which displays a discomforting quality, unlike the innocence of his main body  of work

You can peruse a great selection of Severson’s work HERE, and I just love Discovery #222 which represents the dialectical antithesis of US land-based Manifest Destiny.(The old bastard Hegel has his uses.)

Night Rush by Pamela Neswald

You can see more surf art by Ms Neswald HERE.

In the same vein, Lynn Coleman and other artists are discussed HERE in the LATimes

I’ve barely scratched the surface of surfing’s visual culture, and so shall conclude with the Tony Edwards OZ contribution – Captain Goodvibes “the Pig of Steel” – and shit, he was a challenge to the PC set.

The Goodvibes Manifesto

The George Greenough Twin Fin Revolution

Disco Inferno: The Goodvibes Mix. Sticky Records 1978

And now that I have graduated you to post-graduate surfing qualifications, here is your next challenge, companeros.

Highly recommended reading and the basis for this post.

STOKED! A History of Surf Culture 2001 Drew Kampion. Gibbs Smith.

Rich in brilliant photography, eloquently written and well referenced. I bought my copy from a barrow guy in Shenzhen.