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Maggots in the Chongqing Wood Pile

February 8, 2012

Okay. Promises are meant to be broken.

Opened my Bo Xilai file months ago, mostly HERE, and you need some of the the links for the full import. In particular, the John Garnaut link.

Well, HERE is an interesting development for the Dark Princeling.

This will be a truly delicious tale of power politics Sino-style. Bet the farm and your wife’s jewellery on it.

And I strongly suspect Bo Jnr will end up in the female position and without the benefit of an enviromentally friendly lubricant.

Whatever, anyone who drives a Jaguar and marries an all-singing all-dancing PLA hussy deserves a little invasive rough handling.

John Garnaut, who is better informed than most reporters, updates HERE: China power play: anti-corruption officials vanish.

Sort of Update.

There are almost 700 entries on the Bo-Wang affair as of now, and the great manjority are total retreads. The Bo-Wang Chongqing crime crackdown – the bullet or the Big House – was selective as noted by this REPORT by John Garnaut of the SMH last year. A news search of Garnaut’s other highly detailed reports on the Chongqing manure pile throws up lots of detail on Bo’s hitherto networks to the top in Beijing.

That aside, the only interesting, and possibly close-to-the-truth speculation (now there is an oxymoron) as what what actually took place is blogged by Inside-Out China.

Think of the bright side. We will no longer have to put up with Bo’s shiteating grin. More like a grinace as he is politically raped in a serial manner. Irrespective of the political culture, there is always a degree of pleasure to be obtained when a showboat get his comeuppance.