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Wang Ligun….more trivia and Grand Blog Theft.

September 18, 2012

Since a number of weblords on the blogroll (right) insist on posting photos and commentary on their cats (of all things), it is time to share with the Dear Reader an image of my positively superior animal companion, which by the way is a male King Parrot.

I know. I know. I should be writing on more musical matters, but with the trial of The Mongol aka former Chongqing cop supremo Wang Ligun now concluded, its time to dust off the old dirt file and make a couple of new entries.

Again, its John Garnaut of The SMH. Think of the crap fare served up on The Bill and read about the million dollar police cafeteria built by Wang in Chongqing:

“In the UK they say there is no free lunch, but have you seen the Chongqing Public Security Bureau? It costs 10 million a month!” Beijing lawyer Li Zhuang, who was famously arrested by Wang in 2009, said.
Wang, on trial today for myriad crimes including defecting to the United States, built a fancy canteen at every district police station after he was promoted to police chief in 2009.
The centrepiece was a vast two-storey dining establishment with brass fittings, golden floorings and curtains at the opulent bureau headquarters – replete with its own lake – that he renovated in downtown Chongqing.
A local lawyer, Zhou Litai, who dined with Wang there on several occasions, fondly recalls the a-la-carte Japanese, Chinese and Western food, followed by offerings of seasonal fruit.
But dining at the central police cafeteria was a ceremonious and austere occasion, with Wang, of course, at the centre of the liturgy.
“People wait for him before they start eating and they would often line up and applaud to welcome him into the room,” Zhou said.
“He allowed no phone calls, no casual chatting and no leftover food.”

And Malcolm Moore of The Telegraph.

Chen Xiaodong, who wrote “Siberian Tiger Legend”, a biography of Mr Wang from his time in Liaoning, recorded that Mr Wang was not the sort of policeman to sit in the office.
“He always went to the crime scene, every time,” he wrote. “Once there was a body in a lake, floating on the surface. He could not wait for them to fish it out, so he took off his clothes and jumped in. When he got close, he dragged the stinking body onto the shore. He said he took so many showers afterwards, and even washed his hair with toothpaste, but he still smelt terrible and could not eat for several days.”
When a disgruntled businessman bombed the house of a judge in Tieling in 1994, Mr Wang was once again first on the scene. “He was the first into the house, and he found all the heads and matched them to their bodies, checking them over and over,” noted Mr Chen. At the time, Mr Wang was 34, “quite a beau”, and “decisive, brave and authoritative”.

He had a taste both for gritty police work and for the theatrical. In Tieling, his Mitsubishi jeep was famously tricked out with extra headlights on the roof, facing both front and back, so that on a dark night he could be seen coming from far away.”He would jump into his car in a black coat and shoot his gun into the sky,” remembered Mr Zhou.

Even more damning, Wang plays the bloody accordion.

Tales of yet more eccentricities emerge.

Wang would turn up at police stations deep in the night to catch officers sleeping, bawl them out and then storm out, said a Chinese businessman who met Wang several times at city functions. He also demanded continuous supplies of fresh flowers and towels, said another source with access to city officials.

A former colleague of Wang’s in northeast China said he would sometimes perform the autopsies on executed convicts himself because he claimed he wanted to see if “their hearts were black or red”.

And finally, there is the Graham Greene Third Man theory being touted by the Wall Street Journal about his walk in to the US Consulate in Chengdu.

Just imagine the state of US-PRC play, if the consulate had granted him asylum.

Finally, Dear Reader, I would like to warn you against Bo-Gu-Wang blog substitutes. General Anthony Tao of Beijing Cream is continually copping material from my dirt file, so here is a list of site entries which provide the total A to Z on this whole hilarious Sino Officialdom Fiction file.

Accept no substitutes or Anthony come Late-lies:

Unnamed Sources: This is totally out of control.
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We Owe the Party a Vote of Thanks.


Slapping Therapy

Apparently, Bo subjected The Mongol aka Wang Ligun – a less than stable vessel – to Chinese slapping therapy, an apparent cure for high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Mr Bo belted his police chief in the face after he told him that his wife, Gu Kailai, was “highly suspected” of murdering Englishman Neil Heywood, says a Xinhua report of court proceedings released overnight.

John Garnaut SMH

Political Interference @ Amazing New Revelations: Sports Book Closed.

August 6, 2012

Apologies, Dear Reader, but I’m closing the Sports Book. All Bo/Gu bets are off, and those high rollers who wagered on the Gu Kalai-Heywood hot sex connection and/or associated paraphilias will have their bets returned by the close of business, EST.

A lack of due diligence on my part. A failure to read the runes.

Bo looking like Sad Sack as he envisages a life without untold wealth, the ability to really shaft business competitors, Jaguars, multiple second wives and the Sino Presidency.

“These people who have formed criminal blocs have wide social ties and the ability to shape opinion,” Bo said of his critics. “There are also, for example, people who have poured filth on Chongqing, and poured filth on myself and my family.”

Really diplomatic stuff, especially after his critics noted his Yunnan visit and the face-to-face with a senior military official, who was connected to his good old dad Bo Yibo. And that was before The Mongol’s (aka Wang Ligun) revenge which highlighted Gu Kalai’s very film noirish trysting and poisoning of fixer/moneymover Heywood.

Fatal Instinct Sino-Style.

Sharon Stone: One in a long line of really dangerous women. Kathleen Turner/Body Heat. Barbara Stanwyck/Double Indemnity. No rewards if you can add to this list.

It is patently obvious that by now, Bo was believing his own Red publicity and completely failed to interpret a truly Shakespearean aphorism.

The warning came on March 3 from a senior central leader who told Bo and other assembled officials in Chongqing to be careful while attending the parliament session in Beijing.

“The climate in Chongqing is very different from the climate in Beijing,” said the official, who several sources have told Reuters was He Guoqiang, the Party’s top man for keeping discipline and fighting corruption. “So I hope that everyone will take care against the cold and stay warm, and be careful to stay healthy.” (1)

Look, lets be honest. It is no wonder Bo fooled round with party girls and them pimped them to his colleagues and higher officials. All that combined with his electronic surveillance system which would have made the STASI proud, and with its attendant blackmail possibilities.

Let’s face it. While Bo’s legal chippie is no really hot Sharon Stone, she is a creature of strong legal opinions.

Uphold Justice in America – essential airport reading along with Anthony Robbins.

“As long as it is known that you, John Doe, killed someone, you will be arrested, tried and shot to death,” Gu wrote of Chinese criminal justice in her 1998 book. Chinese law, she explained, did not mince words. (2)

Anyway, I feel totally deflated and betrayed. Not only is Gu being tried in faraway Anhui province where Wen and Hu exercise considerable political influence, but it now appears that she will evade two in the brain pan, as her court appointed lawyers will be making a good old insanity/mentally unfit plea.

This is the worst of all outcomes, as I was hoping to really cleanup with the Sports Book.

And by the way, I referenced the Shakespearean/Macbeth dimensions to this Sino tale of power and lust well before that throwaway piece by Jonathon Fenby.

Post Script.

A very good wrap up on the present state-of-play by Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times HERE.

The Snitch Update.

The always reliable John Garnaut SMH reporting from Hefei gives us the latest twist. Gu, Bo’s legal chippie, rolls over on hubby – probably spilling her guts on his financial missdeeds. Nothing like a successful struggle session to cleanse the soul.

The story which just keeps giving and giving.

I’m now waiting for the incest/pedophilia/necrophilia revelations.

The Mongol Knew.

Now here is a surprise. Gillian Wong of AP reports that Wang Ligun knew of the plot to off Heywood beforehand and also got a post-poisoning report.

And lets take another look at the poisoning perp.

Fat. In between snitching and telling porkies, a massive intake of steamed buns.
Bo should sue for divorce.

Even my normally low standards of secondhand reporting are challenged here.

Former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun, who triggered the scandal when he told US diplomats about the killing in February, sliced off piece of Heywood’s heart as proof of the murder, reports have said.

Michael Sainsbury The Australian.

At a guess, he probably gift boxed it and tried to sell it to US consular officials.

Picture this if you will. Wang, heading for the mortuary with Swiss pocket knife in hand, before the very hasty cremation. A flash of credentials to the attendant. Rolls up the sleeve and slices away.

To survive in the Sino-bureaucratic world, you have to be agile and keep an eye on every angle.

While Officialdom Fiction provides would-be power bureaucrats with a practical and ethical guide to shafting the competition, accepting and distributing gratuities, management of er nai (which translates as second breast), feasting on the public tit etc, I suspect that this mini-series will provide a cautionary tale rather than a guide to action.

The Horror genre directed by Ed Woods. I don’t think so. This is Officialdom Faction.

Conflicting evidence. According to some media reports, Bo’s chippie and her butler poisoned that shifty looking Heywood with pills introduced in his vino and then scattered a few around the room for good measure. However, John Garnaut reports that our fat and Deranged Red Empress of Chongqing used good old fashioned rat poison.

Gu’s response set off a chain reaction that Hollywood could not have scripted. She was feeling a little out of control, according to her lawyer, and so went shopping in Chongqing for a particular brand of rat poison.
She needed a vermin-killing cocktail that contained enough cyanide to eliminate her son’s financial problem, according to the prosecution case presented against her in court on Thursday.

A truly pathetic choice displaying a total lack of imagination. Rat poison is the commonplace method which beleaguered peasant farmers and battered rural women use to take their lives.

A sketchy overview of China’s suicide landscape by Wiki concludes that:

According to the journal Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, there are over 300,000 suicides in China annually.[4] China accounts for more than 30% of the world’s suicides.[5] The suicide rate in the Yangtze Basin is about 40% higher than in the rest of China.[6]

In The British Journal of Psychiatry, Lip and Liu confirm my points, (but with a proviso):

In fact, 62% of suicide deaths in China resulted from ingestion of pesticide or rat poison (Phillips et al, 2002). Such easy availability of highly lethal substances may explain the high suicide rates among rural women.

And here is a good one.

Paul S. F. Yip’s research was funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

What are we dealing with here besides a bit of political theatre?

Lets be exact! A sexually degenerate and probably incestuous (read the Big Rabbit @ Little Rabbit communiques) drug addict.

According to Xinhua:

Gu “had been treated for chronic insomnia, anxiety and depression, and paranoia in the past,” the report said.

“She used to take anxiolytics, antidepressants and sedative hypnotic drugs, and she also received combined treatment by taking antipsychotic drugs, but the curative effect was not enduring.

“She developed a certain degree of physical and psychological dependence on sedative hypnotic drugs, which resulted in mental disorders.”

Why didn’t she just take that other First Lady Nancy’s advice, and just said no to drugs.

Good move by the spinmiesters as it allows the official narrative to shut down the big picture stuff and individualise guilt as an instance of aberrant personal psychology.

If you are looking for historical parallels without the political dimension, read up on the Lyle and Erik Menendez trial in California.

This scribbler is not the only one with a monopoly on hyperbole.

The latest scribble in The Telegraph refers to Gu as a “glamorous sparkling eyed vixen”, but does add some side trivia:

The staging of the trial – closed to foreign media but open to some selected members of the public – was rehearsed repeatedly, according to one source. Two Chinese officials even donned suits like the British consulate officials who were to be invited to attend the hearing, allowing Mrs Gu to practise how to react and behave while under scrutiny.

The Epoch Times, a newspaper of the outlawed Falun Gong religious cult, claimed that he (Heywood) was killed because he discovered that Mr Bo and Mrs Gu were involved in a lucrative illegal scheme to harvest organs for transplant from live Falun Gong practitioners, and was about to spill their secrets. A Hong Kong newspaper said that she had a “wolfish appetite for sex” and, trapped in an unhappy marriage with a powerful and magnetic politician, seduced Mr Heywood in revenge.

An organ-harvesting nymphomaniac.

Heywood’s Bodyguard tells his Story.
A bodyguard, who protected British businessman Neil Haywood (sic) during an affair with his alleged murderer Gu Kailai, the wife of ousted Chinese leader Bo Xilai, has spoken out how he fought with three Chinese assassins who had tried to kill Heywood.

As you would expect from a Bollywood rag, these assassins were skilled in martial arts. Crikey, I’m now waiting for the resurrection of Bruce Lee.

Again, The Telegraph breaks new investigative ground. Mystery third person ‘may have been involved in murder of Neil Heywood’

This blog is officially closed. I’m now devoting my time to writing the film script in the hope of recouping the money which was to have been generated by the Sports Book.