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Wang Ligun….more trivia and Grand Blog Theft.

September 18, 2012

Since a number of weblords on the blogroll (right) insist on posting photos and commentary on their cats (of all things), it is time to share with the Dear Reader an image of my positively superior animal companion, which by the way is a male King Parrot.

I know. I know. I should be writing on more musical matters, but with the trial of The Mongol aka former Chongqing cop supremo Wang Ligun now concluded, its time to dust off the old dirt file and make a couple of new entries.

Again, its John Garnaut of The SMH. Think of the crap fare served up on The Bill and read about the million dollar police cafeteria built by Wang in Chongqing:

“In the UK they say there is no free lunch, but have you seen the Chongqing Public Security Bureau? It costs 10 million a month!” Beijing lawyer Li Zhuang, who was famously arrested by Wang in 2009, said.
Wang, on trial today for myriad crimes including defecting to the United States, built a fancy canteen at every district police station after he was promoted to police chief in 2009.
The centrepiece was a vast two-storey dining establishment with brass fittings, golden floorings and curtains at the opulent bureau headquarters – replete with its own lake – that he renovated in downtown Chongqing.
A local lawyer, Zhou Litai, who dined with Wang there on several occasions, fondly recalls the a-la-carte Japanese, Chinese and Western food, followed by offerings of seasonal fruit.
But dining at the central police cafeteria was a ceremonious and austere occasion, with Wang, of course, at the centre of the liturgy.
“People wait for him before they start eating and they would often line up and applaud to welcome him into the room,” Zhou said.
“He allowed no phone calls, no casual chatting and no leftover food.”

And Malcolm Moore of The Telegraph.

Chen Xiaodong, who wrote “Siberian Tiger Legend”, a biography of Mr Wang from his time in Liaoning, recorded that Mr Wang was not the sort of policeman to sit in the office.
“He always went to the crime scene, every time,” he wrote. “Once there was a body in a lake, floating on the surface. He could not wait for them to fish it out, so he took off his clothes and jumped in. When he got close, he dragged the stinking body onto the shore. He said he took so many showers afterwards, and even washed his hair with toothpaste, but he still smelt terrible and could not eat for several days.”
When a disgruntled businessman bombed the house of a judge in Tieling in 1994, Mr Wang was once again first on the scene. “He was the first into the house, and he found all the heads and matched them to their bodies, checking them over and over,” noted Mr Chen. At the time, Mr Wang was 34, “quite a beau”, and “decisive, brave and authoritative”.

He had a taste both for gritty police work and for the theatrical. In Tieling, his Mitsubishi jeep was famously tricked out with extra headlights on the roof, facing both front and back, so that on a dark night he could be seen coming from far away.”He would jump into his car in a black coat and shoot his gun into the sky,” remembered Mr Zhou.

Even more damning, Wang plays the bloody accordion.

Tales of yet more eccentricities emerge.

Wang would turn up at police stations deep in the night to catch officers sleeping, bawl them out and then storm out, said a Chinese businessman who met Wang several times at city functions. He also demanded continuous supplies of fresh flowers and towels, said another source with access to city officials.

A former colleague of Wang’s in northeast China said he would sometimes perform the autopsies on executed convicts himself because he claimed he wanted to see if “their hearts were black or red”.

And finally, there is the Graham Greene Third Man theory being touted by the Wall Street Journal about his walk in to the US Consulate in Chengdu.

Just imagine the state of US-PRC play, if the consulate had granted him asylum.

Finally, Dear Reader, I would like to warn you against Bo-Gu-Wang blog substitutes. General Anthony Tao of Beijing Cream is continually copping material from my dirt file, so here is a list of site entries which provide the total A to Z on this whole hilarious Sino Officialdom Fiction file.

Accept no substitutes or Anthony come Late-lies:

Unnamed Sources: This is totally out of control.
Political Interference @ Amazing New Revelations: Sports Book Closed
KTs Sports Book
The Chongqing Sino Circus: The Last Two Acts.
We Owe the Party a Vote of Thanks.


Slapping Therapy

Apparently, Bo subjected The Mongol aka Wang Ligun – a less than stable vessel – to Chinese slapping therapy, an apparent cure for high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Mr Bo belted his police chief in the face after he told him that his wife, Gu Kailai, was “highly suspected” of murdering Englishman Neil Heywood, says a Xinhua report of court proceedings released overnight.

John Garnaut SMH

KTs Sports Book

July 28, 2012

Being an Absolute Monarch in the 21st century is a hard gig. Especially if you model yourself on those hard men who laid waste to Medieval Europe and who further enhanced their rotten reputations by invading the so-called Holy Land. Times were simpler then. One basically terrorised the peasantry, deflowered virgins on the village dungheap and pissed on the castles wall hangings during massive banquets of badly cooked meat. Little wonder Islamic emissaries to Europe routinely commented on the high incidence of body odor among this self-appointed feudal royalty.

Now, lest you think I’m indulging in hyperbole here, I strongly recommend that you dip into Norbert Elias’ two volume set The Civilising Process. Incidentally, FOARP now resides in Elias’ hometown Wroclaw, Poland (formerly East Prussia).

You can only soak your citizen peasantry so much tax-wise before they start thinking about an out, and reading up on republican democracy. In order to avoid this ghastly prospect, one has to adopt creative ways of generating new revenue streams in this age of fiscal austerity. And where better than in the private for-profit sector of the economy. As previously noted in Fine Cotton Races in Wuhan, even potential republicans in tubbyland follow The Sport of KingsThe Horsies – and thoroughly approve of organised gambling.

In consequence, we are opening a Sports Book (an awful Americanism) and launching K-TAB.

This is your opportunity to double that bank account you have put aside for your childrens education.

And where better than a flutter on the future prospects of Sino-lands First Family.

Bo Xilai: 20 years (with no parole or community service option) in Qincheng prison.
5 to 1 on. Not the most attractive odds, I admit.

Gu Kalai charged with “intentional homicide”, which in US TV dramas means MURDER ONE in big headlines: Two in the brain pan and a shallow grave in some obscure Anhui land fill.
10 to 1 on. Again, perfectly crap odds.

And I won’t even offer odds on her Baldrick accomplice flunky Zhang Xiaojun. It is a foregone conclusion that he is in for the Big High Jump into future fertiliser, such is fate of all underlings who attach themselves to the wrong guanzi networks.

Side bets on the odds that Gu had sex with Heywood before hand – thus weakening him by draining him of his precious bodily fluids – prior to forcing the contents of the poisoned chalice down his throat. This is a bit tasteless I know, but even Ladbrokes took bets on the appearance of aliens during the Olympic’ Opening Ceremony.

Please contact me via email for my odds on this one.

And two more giving you an opportunity to really clean up on a Quadrella.

Jiang Zemin will really die for real before the next full moon.
500 to 1.

The PRC’s National Male Soccer Team will take gold in London.
7,000 to 1.

So there you are. Be reckless, give up the day job and arrange your Carribean travel plans now.

In the interest of transparency re: China’s Soccer Team, I recommend this article on the signings of Anelka, Drogba et al by Shanghai Shenhua.

The money quote.

One popular online comment sums it all up: “Who could refuse the chance to earn astronomical payments for playing football with a group of amateurs?”

As noted, it is about money, power and politics and not the Beautiful Game. A fashion accessory for PRC’s corrupt mega wealthy.

Let’s now lighten up with some Social Notes.

Custer of ChinaGeeks is departing Beijing for perfectly valid health and family reasons and we wish them well.

While on the subject of the recent flooding of Beijing, you have to cast doubt on the continued rise and rise of the Middle Kingdom via an academic footnote by Karl Wittfogel:

Wittfogel is best known for his monumental work Oriental Despotism: A Comparative Study of Total Power, first published in 1957. Starting from a Marxist analysis of the ideas of Max Weber on China and India’s “hydraulic-bureaucratic official-state” and building on Marx’s sceptical view of the Asiatic Mode of Production, Wittfogel came up with an analysis of Oriental despotism which emphasized the role of irrigation works, the bureaucratic structures needed to maintain them and the impact that these had on society, coining the term “hydraulic empire” to describe the system. In his view, many societies, mainly in Asia, relied heavily on the building of large-scale irrigation works. To do this, the state had to organize forced labor from the population at large. This required a large and complex bureaucracy staffed by competent and literate officials. This structure was uniquely placed to also crush civil society and any other force capable of mobilizing against the state. Such a state would inevitably be despotic, powerful, stable and wealthy. (Wiki)

I don’t know which words to highlight, given the irony that China’s uber power city can’t even manage to build a decent underground drainage network. So much for the much touted Sino Engineering Mentality. And don’t even ask about my flood experiences in second tier cities after moderate precipitation.

Finally, we should note that Tom over at Seeing Red in China is returning to the US to extend his education. Now Tom – an erudite individual who guides us less-intelligent members of the chatterati through the socio-cultural byways which make up China today – has a college degree in anthropology. (Like any other degree, it simply indicates that one can spell one’s name correctly.)

Anyway, our weblord is planning a p/g in theology and development economics (a combination which speaks for itself), combined with US church visits where he will no doubt impress with his anecdotes about the paganistic, superstitious and materialist conditions which prevail in China today.

You have got to admire American christians and their centuries old ambition to convert the Han Hordes. I could provide references on this point, but won’t since that is your homework, Dear Reader.

Maggots in the Chongqing Wood Pile

February 8, 2012

Okay. Promises are meant to be broken.

Opened my Bo Xilai file months ago, mostly HERE, and you need some of the the links for the full import. In particular, the John Garnaut link.

Well, HERE is an interesting development for the Dark Princeling.

This will be a truly delicious tale of power politics Sino-style. Bet the farm and your wife’s jewellery on it.

And I strongly suspect Bo Jnr will end up in the female position and without the benefit of an enviromentally friendly lubricant.

Whatever, anyone who drives a Jaguar and marries an all-singing all-dancing PLA hussy deserves a little invasive rough handling.

John Garnaut, who is better informed than most reporters, updates HERE: China power play: anti-corruption officials vanish.

Sort of Update.

There are almost 700 entries on the Bo-Wang affair as of now, and the great manjority are total retreads. The Bo-Wang Chongqing crime crackdown – the bullet or the Big House – was selective as noted by this REPORT by John Garnaut of the SMH last year. A news search of Garnaut’s other highly detailed reports on the Chongqing manure pile throws up lots of detail on Bo’s hitherto networks to the top in Beijing.

That aside, the only interesting, and possibly close-to-the-truth speculation (now there is an oxymoron) as what what actually took place is blogged by Inside-Out China.

Think of the bright side. We will no longer have to put up with Bo’s shiteating grin. More like a grinace as he is politically raped in a serial manner. Irrespective of the political culture, there is always a degree of pleasure to be obtained when a showboat get his comeuppance.