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KT Gets Down.

July 11, 2013

Always been a big supporter of Gay/Trannie Rights and other forms of polymorphous sexuality, so it is time to revisit the late 70s/80s, musically that is, as I know you’re bored with modern Japanese surfer girls.

And don’t be a wuss. Lots of Bolivian marching dust, a really fucking ghastly alcoholic concoction which looks like green slime (calvaldos and lemonade), plus a wardrobe that totally pissed off the cat.

Okay, and I will spare the commentary, as I am assuming listeners will have sufficient back-cultural-references and a totally broken moral compass:


For Miami Vice fans.

Marc Almond’s reworking of Tainted Love, and it’s BBC at its cod best. Great background b/w dancers which relates to a fond memory. Walked into a tv store with me Mum when I was a teenager. One screen had Chuck Berry (probably from Hullabaloo) playing with a dozen of the best background dancers I have ever seen. Systematically turned on every set in the shop to the same channel. We were promptly ushered to the door.

Boy George, after Britain embraced reggae.

Donna, why did you sell out to the fucking lower case christians? From Soul Train and produced by the genius Georgio Moroder.

Okay, there are a few desperate heteros out there I know, so here is the extended version of Papa Was a Rolling Stone.

OMG. This brings back great smoked hours with a hot opposite companion in the jacuzzi, and pioneered by Motown’s greatest producer Norman Whitfield.

Want to really embarrass visitors. Inopportune guests who are really upsetting the moment James Chance @ Lydia Lunch.

Now that you all excited, clean your teeth and tuck yourselves in.

Extended fire duties call.