Instead of an Aretha obit, here is a Highly Recommended Site.

Being incapacitated at present, I’ve spent inordinate hours cleaning up email sites and related digital trivia,

In so doing, I realise that I’ve never drawn attention to:

The Department of Afro American Research Arts and Culture  DAARAC formerly Blaxploitation Pride – Cinema.

Brilliant site by any measure, and one which you should hit up right now:

Or go to the Blog Roll.

God, I love Film Doo’s youtube on The Ten Best Blaxploitation Movies on the right. Note

Yes, the video insert where the really hot Pam Grier is about to make your day.

And if that is too serious for you, try this excerpt from Im Gonna  Get Ya Sucka.


William Bell didn’t anticipate that sort of mayhem.



Found my copy of Across 110th Street in the old folks home where I ran the painting gig. It would have thinned out the ranks if it was ever shown.

Lots of Bobby Womack’s soundtrack on youtube. but I go with this version.


NICE. And Kim Jon Un can eat his heart out.








kim jon

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