GRRRL Power on guitars

I’ve finally regained control of this rotten blog after expelling the agents of chaos. Why I wonder, since the political planet is such a depressing place? At this moment, I’m having the servants giving me a serious flogging for supporting Brexit. But it was done in the belief that neo-liberalism had its day, and that we needed a new and more equitable distribution of wealth.

Then the Orange Fool arrives centre stage and really stinks up the global political order. Its time to take all those Manchurian Candidate metaphors seriously, folk. And if you’ve had the time to read The Web:The War for Cyberspace by Alexander Klimburg (2017.Prentice Hall.US), you’d agree that the Russians are so ahead of the game when it comes to cyber-warfare. They leave the US and China in the dust. Not surprising since they’ve had a serious interest in cybernetics since the 1940s.

But even Fools can get some things right eg the China-US trade war, even if the headlines are 3 to 1, the 3 predicting that China shall prevail. However he can’t even get this right and has to piss off Mexico, Canada and the EU in the process.

You’ve driveling KT, so lets move to the main menu. If we are looking for a Repository of Information on the past century, it has to be Youtube. The Detroit Riots (read Insurrection) in 1967, the police murders in the Algiers Hotel, The Cream live at the Grande Ballroom and lots of other stuff which bedevil led the Motor City during that tumultuous year. The Speeches of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Detailed bios on Black Drug Gangs. A live concert by the MC5 -over rated. Interviews with John Sinclair. You can do the Time Tunnel thing.

However, you need another perspective on the Black Experience in America, and so should read The Warmth of Other Suns:The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson (2010. Random House. NY) No links as it’s all over the net, not to mention a good dose of authorial self promotion. Best read in years and written with such warmth and context.

But best of all, Youtube delivers in the music department. After all, you can’t spend your remaining years replaying The Best of Oasis. I was in that cul de sac a few days ago, and after a couple of hours made these great discoveries.

Anna Calvi. Good wicki overview. I’ll leave the link work to you. And no bloody laziness Team, plug in those Big Speakers and straight to 11.

That was kinetic by any measure and the drummer was no slouch either.

Eileen Jewell. Totally independent musician with a dotcom site to build her audience. Hot band.

And, as the long suffering reader expects, another bloody version of Shaking All Over. Talk about arrested development KT.

Valerie June. Good wicki overview. Multi-instrumentalist at home in either Appalachia or the Black Deep South. Very much a traditionalist.

What a voice.

It is worth sorting through Valerie June’s repertoire as some tracks contain absolutely brilliant brass playing.

5 Responses to “GRRRL Power on guitars”

  1. GC C Says:

    (I couldn’t log into fb…)

    Hello King,

    Yes I listened to both artists. Both great. They both bring something new and conversely something old too. I enjoyed all of the vids.

    It was refreshing to hear some actual songs that were sung in a more or less normal expected way. None of the garbage that is dished up as contemporary music…

    Cheers from Gordon…

    Cheers from Gordon


  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Yo Gordon

    Glad you enjoyed.

    Daniel Maiden-Hall, in Calvi’s band, is one powerful drummer.

    Whats this “I couldn’t log onto to fb”.

    Crikey, if I thought this blog had any connection to fb, I’d tell the servants to fetch the chainsaw and I would cut off my member.


  3. justrecently Says:

    Foarp is going to kill you if he reads this.

  4. kingtubby1 Says:

    JR. I know. I know. I have to stop making jokes about Oasis as they really annoy Foarp……being the cornerstone of his cd collection.

    Or were you talking about my initial sympathies for Brexit. While I now have ,a small dose of buyers remorse, I also pointed out at the time, “that the rewards of neo-liberalism were very unequally distributed across the UK, so the outcome came as no surprise”.

    Anyway, you should have been listening to the incredible music I posted.

    By way of comparison, I just made the servants listen to the top song in Germany today – Bella Ciao – and they are now out behind the barn in a paroxysm of projectile vomiting. Oh well, they’ll just have to work on Xmas day to catch up.


  5. justrecently Says:

    I was referring to the blasphemy, of course. As for Brexit, you didn’t vote, so I didn’t think this would matter. But I can’t tell for sure, of course.

    Anyway, you should have been listening to the incredible music I posted.

    You have no idea what German countryside internet is like.

    Have a great weekend!

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