Surfers are back in Town: Part 3

Some weeks ago during the ill-fated Beijing Cream experiment, some commenting worm – obviously an individual with libido issues and fear of a healthy lifestyle – wrote that my sole purpose in life was to indulge a fetishist ie use the column to propagate photos of Japanese surfer girls wearing bikinis.

Well, I ask, what does one wear when cutting the waves apart? Wetsuits in cold water, bikinis or board shorts in warmer water. Obviously, this creature is an aficionado of the facekini or something equally silly.

Time to go on the public record. The Japanese surfer girl file is a public service, a bit like the weather report or Beijing’s daily pollution reading.

The Association of Surfing Professionals ASP World Tour for 2013 site HERE.

ASP Women’s World Ranking 59 – superhot Nao Omura.

Nao Omura

Nao Omura

ASP Junior Women’s World Ranking 9 – Minato Takahashi.
Minato Takahashi


ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 5 – Hiroka Yoshikawa.

Hiroka Yoshikawa

Hiroka Yoshikawa


ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 9 – Yuko Shimajiru

ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 25 – Hatsumi Ui

Hasumi Ui

Hasumi Ui

Finally, highly rated bodysurfer Minami Hatekayama.
Minami Hatekayama



2 Responses to “Surfers are back in Town: Part 3”

  1. justrecently Says:

    Glad to see that the surfing girls are back. I’ll send Tai De a link!

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Thanks JR. My stats have totally died, so I need all readers I can get. If that was a trivial post, just wait for the next two when I get my new supply of internet.

    Enjoyed those pieces on shortwave radio and recommend them to my other reader:

    At present, the Sino sites positively bores me to death, and it’s not as if one can’t obtain the same info (minus commentary) from BBC and google news reader. Its either that or head out into the backyard with power tools and tame some more of the wilderness.

    Winter in your backyard, but the seven plagues of Egypt here. Massive number of fire calls, then three floods in as many weeks.
    Good for the garden though.

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