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Surfers are back in Town: Part 3

February 26, 2013

Some weeks ago during the ill-fated Beijing Cream experiment, some commenting worm – obviously an individual with libido issues and fear of a healthy lifestyle – wrote that my sole purpose in life was to indulge a fetishist ie use the column to propagate photos of Japanese surfer girls wearing bikinis.

Well, I ask, what does one wear when cutting the waves apart? Wetsuits in cold water, bikinis or board shorts in warmer water. Obviously, this creature is an aficionado of the facekini or something equally silly.

Time to go on the public record. The Japanese surfer girl file is a public service, a bit like the weather report or Beijing’s daily pollution reading.

The Association of Surfing Professionals ASP World Tour for 2013 site HERE.

ASP Women’s World Ranking 59 – superhot Nao Omura.

Nao Omura

Nao Omura

ASP Junior Women’s World Ranking 9 – Minato Takahashi.
Minato Takahashi


ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 5 – Hiroka Yoshikawa.

Hiroka Yoshikawa

Hiroka Yoshikawa


ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 9 – Yuko Shimajiru

ASP Women’s Longboard World Ranking 25 – Hatsumi Ui

Hasumi Ui

Hasumi Ui

Finally, highly rated bodysurfer Minami Hatekayama.
Minami Hatekayama


Surfers are back in Town: Part 2

February 26, 2013

I was going to report on the Hainan Surfing Festival held January 23-30 this year, but decided it was just too Mickey Mouse with lousy wavelets and, to make matters worse, a male member of the Australian team wore a really fucking stupid bush hat during team photo ops. Anyway, you could see the pollution in the salt.

Whatever, I’m quite sure all participants trousered their appearance and prize money and said, ‘Lets get this gig out of the way, so we can return to (……) and get normal again”.

Hainan is is little more than a Sino-greedheads wet dream. Pity whats left of its old farming communities. Golf courses, a massive sex industry, high rise developments that would give Donald Trump multiple organisms, plus a submarine base disretely tucked away. You can explore Hainan’s coastline, plus wave and wind info etc using the Magic Sea Weed link HERE.

Two neat news reports today on the financial collapse of its Dubai copycat development Phoenix Island situated near its second city Sanya. Lets look at this eco-friendly monstrosity.
Sino architectural good taste

Tom Hancock of AFP reports that:

Chinese manufacturers once snapped up its luxury apartments, but with profits falling as a result of the global downturn many owners need to offload properties urgently and raise cash to repay business loans, estate agents said.

Now apartments on Phoenix Island which reached the dizzying heights of 150,000 yuan ($23,356) per square metre in 2010 are on offer for just 70,000 yuan ($10,899), said Sun Zhe, a local estate agent.

“I just got a call from a businessman desperate to sell,” Sun told AFP, brandishing his mobile phone as he whizzed over a bridge to the futuristic development on a electric golf cart.

“Whether it’s toys or clothes, the export market is bad… property owners need capital quickly, and want to sell their apartments right away,” he said. “They are really feeling the effect of the financial crisis.”
On the other side of Hainan, the Seaview Auspicious Gardens, boasts beachside villas accessed by artificial rivers and a private library containing 100,000 books, prices have fallen by a third from a high of 12,000 yuan per square metre in the last year, and a third of the flats remain unsold.

So much for a balanced economy, and I’m sure the library will get a real workout.

Max Fisher of The Washington Post asks Is This How The Collapse of The Chinese Property Market Begins?

Phoenix Island is an extreme case, but it’s in many ways symptomatic of China’s skyrocketing real estate market, which is both a blessing and a curse for China. A blessing because it helps to drive economic growth and domestic consumption, which the country’s economy needs more of to be healthy. It’s a curse because, as Americans are well aware, it can burst, pulling down much of the national economy with it.
In some ways (but not all), China is even more exposed to the dangers of a real estate collapse than America was.

Washington Post business reporter Jia Lynn Yang pointed out last fall that urban housing stock constituted 41 percent of Chinese household wealth of 2011. The number was 26 percent in the U.S. In other words, Chinese families tend to invest almost twice as much of their money in urban real estate than do American families. So, if you thought Americans were hit hard when that real estate suddenly lost value, it could be even worse for Chinese, who also tend to put much more of their earnings into long-term investments than do Americans.

And here’s the really scary number: 13 percent of Chinese GDP in 2011 came from real estate investment. 13 percent! If that investment stalls abruptly, as it did in Phoenix Island, the rest of the Chinese economy could follow.

There are are lot more nuances in the article, and it’s a recommended read since Patrick Chovanec provides that nuance.
Chovanec’s blog can be found HERE.

Okay, now its time to update my Japanese Surfer girl file next post.

Surfers are back in Town: Part One.

February 25, 2013

After a long hiatus and a bruising, rancorous month of posting on BeijingCream before being “holidayed”, time to return to my natural habitat.

New Year. New vistas. And definitely time to update our Japanese surfer girl file. However, before doing so, a quick peruse of a list of the 100 greatest surf songs is in order. While this is a musical genre (along with hotrod tunes) not exactly noted for originality or sonic excellence, it does celebrate a recreational activity to die for. Hot bodies, the right type of drugs and the capacity to ingest large quantities of sea water.

The list is linked HERE, and the closest I could get to a Japanese surfing theme was Mr Moto by the Belairs (1961).****

And, as all are aware, Mr Moto was the Japanese counterpart to Charlie Chan who was located across from the Senkaku Islands during the 1930s, both creatures drawn from the golden age of the pulps.

**** Get serious KT. That’s hogswash.

Fact. Japanese youth culture was first exposed to surf music in 1965 when The Ventures toured Japan, and like every innovative culture, this event spawned numerous local surf bands. For a taste of contemporary Jap surf sound try the first video in this LINK. Daikaiju (Green Monster in English). Crank up the volume and imagine Dick Dale if he was born in the Orient.

And, this reverb/fuzz thing isn’t just the preserve of the boys.

Try the 5 6 7 8s who definitely role modelled The Ronettes.


These grrls spell danger.

And, a dab hand at cribbing The Cramps: I Walk Like Jane Mansfield

That’s enough for today. (200 plus mls of rain in the last six hours.) The surfer girls on the current ASP 2013 table tomorrow.