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Best Wishes to…

December 24, 2012

It’s time to thank some long-term e-interlocutors, namely, and in no particular order.

Andrew. May you stumble onto the biggest box of Oz garage vinyl and memorablia sometime during 2013.

FROOG. Hope you win the China Sports Lottery. Buy a new computer and a massive library of cinema classics.

Mike. Ditto. Open your own bookshop.

Kedafu. Ditto. So you can buy youtube.

Adam. Promotions, free global travel and lots of conference time.

Justrecently. Since you are a wealthy gentleman farmer, you have it all, so I will simply promise never to make a cat joke again.

Let’s collectively rule the world in 2013.

And being a shameless self-publicist.

Next post goes up 31.12.2012.