KT Reader Advisory

Dear Reader.

Apol for the extended silence. Truly revolutionary changes have recently taken place in tubbyland, and I shall post the new arrangements in due course.

Meanwhile, enjoy some Keith Jarrett from his later years. Definitely one of my favorite pianists along with Cecil Taylor and Randy Weston.

Thanks to me Mum RIP, some Richard Tauber.

We have serious competition in the Trash Department, but Surfer Bird by The Trashmen is right up there with Louie Louie

Many versions of Shaking All Over, but I go with Vince Taylor and His Playboys due to a great BBC set which would have cost about Two English Pounds. Love that rockabilly inflection in his voice. Vince went on to become big in Frog land. Probably the leather wear.

The original candidate for rehab. Sly and the Family Stone live on Soul Train. Very conservative wardrobe that day. True.

Lord Buckley, the original aristocrat hipster. Drank gin by the gallon, married six times, was a civil rights precursor and reputedly kept an elephant in his mansion. You can read about him /HERE.

Oh hell. Lets chunder-in Sir Les, esp for you Gordon.

And the counterpart, Dud and Pete doing Dirty Uncle Birtie. This is for you, FROOG. Happy Trails.

Recently came across Tito and Tarantula, and then realised that I’d seen the Tarantino movie after talking with my hairdresser, a woman whom I suspect has a wild, wild past.

This is terrible. Now you’re all getting a bit overheated, so I’m out of here.

3 Responses to “KT Reader Advisory”

  1. taide Says:

    By surfingbird, most 40+ people in Germany probably think about Kubrick’s famous “Full Metal Jacket”. “A world of shit”, produced by Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    TAIDE. Great flic which I haven’t re- seen since departing China. As I recall, it was shot totally on a lot in England. The Hunter S Thompson gonzo element in the film still holds it own. I can’t remember if Michael Herr had a script or advisory role. Finally, you missed the theme song from the Mickey Mouseketeers in the last section.

    I offered you the chance to break the chains of feudal exploitation, but no…..

    It was a good deal. I would have liberated the horses and you would have owned a ginger cat and would no longer have had to muck out the horse barn.

    Obviously, I will have to preach my revolutionary creed somewhere else.

  3. bucketoftongues Says:

    Good work on the Beijing Cream gig. Definitely best expat blog at the moment.

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