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Best Wishes to…

December 24, 2012

It’s time to thank some long-term e-interlocutors, namely, and in no particular order.

Andrew. May you stumble onto the biggest box of Oz garage vinyl and memorablia sometime during 2013.

FROOG. Hope you win the China Sports Lottery. Buy a new computer and a massive library of cinema classics.

Mike. Ditto. Open your own bookshop.

Kedafu. Ditto. So you can buy youtube.

Adam. Promotions, free global travel and lots of conference time.

Justrecently. Since you are a wealthy gentleman farmer, you have it all, so I will simply promise never to make a cat joke again.

Let’s collectively rule the world in 2013.

And being a shameless self-publicist.

Next post goes up 31.12.2012.

Update plus Invitation.

December 19, 2012

Dear Reader

I’ve vacated this site for a little while, and am now posting on on a seven day cycle. The next goes up tomorrow 24 December 2012.

Should there be any reader wishing to write a piece on interesting Music (with a bit of context and analysis thrown in) or on any non-Hollywood film/cinema which they enjoy, please contact me via the above mail address.

The last guest Niubi Cowboy provided a couple of music essays and they were well received by my small readership.



KT Reader Advisory

December 15, 2012

Dear Reader.

Apol for the extended silence. Truly revolutionary changes have recently taken place in tubbyland, and I shall post the new arrangements in due course.

Meanwhile, enjoy some Keith Jarrett from his later years. Definitely one of my favorite pianists along with Cecil Taylor and Randy Weston.

Thanks to me Mum RIP, some Richard Tauber.

We have serious competition in the Trash Department, but Surfer Bird by The Trashmen is right up there with Louie Louie

Many versions of Shaking All Over, but I go with Vince Taylor and His Playboys due to a great BBC set which would have cost about Two English Pounds. Love that rockabilly inflection in his voice. Vince went on to become big in Frog land. Probably the leather wear.

The original candidate for rehab. Sly and the Family Stone live on Soul Train. Very conservative wardrobe that day. True.

Lord Buckley, the original aristocrat hipster. Drank gin by the gallon, married six times, was a civil rights precursor and reputedly kept an elephant in his mansion. You can read about him /HERE.

Oh hell. Lets chunder-in Sir Les, esp for you Gordon.

And the counterpart, Dud and Pete doing Dirty Uncle Birtie. This is for you, FROOG. Happy Trails.

Recently came across Tito and Tarantula, and then realised that I’d seen the Tarantino movie after talking with my hairdresser, a woman whom I suspect has a wild, wild past.

This is terrible. Now you’re all getting a bit overheated, so I’m out of here.

Blog Roll Purge and New Recommendations.

December 8, 2012

As my traffic is doing well of late despite a period of silence, it is time to return to the fray with some commentary and a blog homicide with intent. The Hao Hao Report is now gone, sent to the relegation zone because it is plain boring and offering very thin fare for an entity aspiring to curate the best of Sino-English sites. I was thinking of replacing it with the Shanghaiist, but balked due to its heavy dependence on advertising.

For a great overview of the Sino tubes, Beijing Cream now rules the roost. Two star General Anthony Tao and his team feed the monster at a ferocious rate, but why he persists with basketball posts is beyond me. We should be jeering at the PRCs national football team instead. 5,000 years of chopsticks and public hoiking, a population of 1.4 billion and a FIFA ranking of 88 after Haiti at 57 and Mali at 28. No comment required.

Whatever, while Beijing Cream has the readership, it has yet to produce a committed commentariat. In contrast, the pioneer Chinasmack is now the total pits. Beyond crap layout with driveling, mostly loawai idiots weighing in with monosyllabic remarks. Talk about a race to the bottom. The Chinese commenters appear highly intelligent by comparison. Fauna is badly advised. And I hope the culprit is not Kai Pan (who made a recent momentary reappearance). Just why the fuck do other sites include Chinasmack in their blogrolls? Residual affection? Who knows!

Custer is clearly sick of his own opinions, his readers opinions and the whole gig. Not surprising and, anyway he has better things to do with his time.

The Peking Duck has sort of rejuvenated itself of late, even though the op pieces are highly predictable. One gets the feeling that Richard gets a bit desperate towards the end on the week for an entry, and so goes with the obvious. Again, whatever. TPD pulls the readers and comment scribblers and exchanges can be fun and informative. I personally enjoyed engaging with a couple of regular posters who I would normally jeer. Just illustrates the point that there are topics which can be discussed (with a fair dose of humour) that bypass the usual bi-polar US-China food fight.

The China Daily Show has just extracted the last vestige of wit out of the Ask Alessandro saga. Now I ask you, Dear Reader, if you had a less-than-attractive sister with boyfriend issues, would you let her be guided by Alessandro. Okay, he looks like a buffed Mediterranean beach wolf, but I know the type. A casebook example of a sexually insecure pillow biter. But hey, a photo to die for in the parody department.


It’s with heavy heart that I note that FROOG (my Pixillated (sic) Musings) is soon to close shop due to impending life and career changes. A renaissance man of the old public school. I’ve recommended a move to the tropics where he could enjoy the fruits of his Beijing labours, combined with a diet of g and ts and high-end ganga. Is he a man of decision? We shall see.

Now that Xi has unleashed his anti-corruption lite campaign, we need to be able to correctly identify the sex-sleaze-money-politics perp, so I’ve added China Vitae to your additional reading homework. Just became aware of, a site with Napoleonic ambitions: “a humble blog”…(which) “tries to help cut through the cacophony of China news by highlighting the most important items related to the PRC, and offering some context as to what these items actually mean”. FMD! Join a very long cue.

As the long term Dear Reader is well aware, Mali is the centre of the musical world. It is also encountering a bit of civil strife at present. Consequently, I’ve added the Sahel Blog and the Maghreb Politics Review, so you can sparkle conversationally at your next diplomatic cocktail party.

That’s it. I’m off to dj and photograph my local rural fire brigade xmas party held in the middle of the piney woods. Bucolic Bliss or Rural Idiocy. Your choice, but I intend to elevate everybody’s musical taste.