Taking a Pre-Xmas Break.

Try as I might, just seem incapable of completing this long piece on Islam, Shiism and young Iranian youth and sex culture, so I’m taking a break for a few weeks. Xmas parties to attend and, it being very hot weather, rural fire brigade duties to perform. Heroic stuff, and I even surprise myself in that department.

This, my second site, has now been graced with 72 posts, a few of which were crap and others of which I’m still quite pleased with. Readership ranges from 60 to about 100 daily, but few comments aside from welcome regulars such as JR. Am particularly pleased however in the readership spread, which covers well over a 100 nations from Japan to Mauritius. Gives a blog lord a warm and cuddly feeling.

There is simply no correlation between posts I still enjoy and those thrown together in a fit of pique. For example, The 21st Century Reincarnation of the Mansion Family….Sino Style is by far the most read entry, yet I rate it ‘the pits’. Thrown together in about seven minutes after being pissed off with Hidden Harmonies acceptance of really anti-Black racist comments made by that psychopath Mongol Warrior.

The guitar piece The Luthiers Art and the Air Guitar Disease is a closely most-read second. Fun to research and write, even though it was done in a public library as I lacked home internet at the time.

I suspect I had the same group of perverted readers for the four or five posts on surfing, surf art and superhot Asian surfing babes. That was my Maxim phase.

The four posts exploring aspects of Malian music culture went nowhere in terms of readers, yet they are the four I would take to a desert island. Ditto KT Shakes Down Babylon which focused on slavery, West Indies cricket and turning whitey into a mass of bruises and broken facial cartiledge.

Being on the shameless side, I think I collated the best Bo/Gu dirt file of any blog on the net.

However, reader quantity equates with blog influence. Consequently, this site remains a small time vanity press, but who cares. While I’m scribbling away, my servants are stealing me blind and laughing at me behind my back. Such is the nature of class struggle today.

Its is pretty hard to maintain the view that the general blog world matters anymore. Consequently, KT contributions on Peking Duck and China Geeks are a few steps removed from snark.

Beijing Cream has well and truly replaced Chinasmack and its ilk with a fast and furious range of serious and silly posts, but lacks its own committed commentariat. General Tao’s potty mouth writing style notwithstanding.

Finally, I’m enjoying commenting on Seeing Red in China in response to pieces by Yaxue Cao.

Remember, rules still apply during the Xmas Party season. No drink driving, putting the hard word on your office secretary or commenting on sites when pixilillated.

See ya soon and, if bored, explore my nearly definitive Blog Roll.

Midnight Eye is unquestionably the greatest net resource on Japanese cinema available today.

2 Responses to “Taking a Pre-Xmas Break.”

  1. justrecently Says:

    Taking a break looks like a great idea. I’m pondering taking one, too. As for the relevance of blogs, they are no newspapers, they usually wouldn’t reach break-even if one counted the hours spent on them, and even newspapers are struggling.

    But that’s not my concern. Blogging is for fun, and you’ll get readers if you blog, and blog, and blog, provided that you enjoy doing it.

    Hidden Harmonies – have you taken them seriously until recently? They don’t even enjoy what they write, and that’s palpable in every post I’ve seen there.

    I’m looking forward to your post on Islam. (I’m almost sure we’ll disagree.) Have a good break!

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