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Book Alert and Stuff for Homies.

October 27, 2012

Having given the servants their instructions for the day, and being in a scribble, scribble scribble Mr Gibbons frame of mind, I was going to discuss my three favourite biographies on American roots musicians (Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lee Hooker and The Band) before realising I have a far more important task closer to home here in tubbyland.

The tome in question is Sophisto-punk:The Story of Mark Opitz and Oz Rock by Luke Wallis and Mark Opitz Random House Australia to be released 1.11.2012.
Amazon link HERE.
As my triple autographed FEDEX’d copy is still in the mail, I refer the Reader to net references outlining Mark’s production oeuvre from the mid-70s to the 90s. Wicki HERE, a two part interview containing some favourite clips HERE, and importantly, his website HERE which provides an excellent overview of his massive production list, both here in tubbyland, the States and more recently Turkey and France.

Chances are that if you were on the weekend tear, Mark provided the sonic rock values and anthems that assisted you in your excesses, be it listening to an LP, the radio or getting wrecked in a live venue. “Whether it’s his career-shaping work with The Angels and Cold Chisel or his general dream run in the 1980s (INXS, Divinyls, Models, Australian Crawl, etc.), Mark Opitz is one of the most iconic producers Australia has given the world”, gushed one interviewer.

Kenmore Kids: Mark, KT and Greg: included in the book I believe

Back Porch Majority. Thnx to Andrew

The Light at the Red Orb: Thnx to Andrew Ainsworth.

Thanks to Malcolm Enright:

Eat your heart out Mr Duncan, No 14, Mark No 15.

Max Merrit with Stewie looking angelic

Again with Yuk Harrison this time

Time for an appropriate musical break.

What the hell. Some Otis.

Crikey, I never knew the Purple Hearts did a version of Louie Louie.

And where would the world have been without Mick Hadley and The Coloured Balls. Very detailed info HERE and Mick’s web site page HERE.

Bright Lights, Big City

Last of the Trams: April 1969: A fucking riot if I recall.

Regent Theatre

The Eldorado Theatre

Flea pit par excellence The Alhambra: Three great flics and all the intoxicants one could consume

Now for a noisy break. Getting To Know. Billy Thorpe at his best.

“We’re the GTK film crew. Let us in. Bernie sent us”.

Just got reminded.

This town is not big enough for both of us, punk.

Rock’ n Roll George

Four decades on the road. Now National Heritage Class 1

The professional classes at play 1974.

With your host at 8.07 – 8.08.

Finally, back to an earlier age.

This is tiring. Time for a Bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down.

Footnote. I was wondering why Mick Hadley’s site was inoperative. A bit of research and I’m sad to report that Mick Hadley passed away peacefully on 12 October 2012. RIP and thanks for all the great Foco/Open Door memories.