Sunday Photos

Belly Boarding: True. Hard to find any additional information on this photo, but I would wager that there is a Honolulu connection given long-standing Japanese migration to the former.

Akiko Kiyonaga. Photo: Rommel Gonzales. Nicagarua[/caption]
Two from Jeju Island where the locals talk funny.
Jeju Island where they talk funny.

Snowman. Hokkaido

Japanese surfer. Teahupoo. Total Death Wish

Sri Lanka

Typhoon surfing: Like being followed by an atomic bomb.

Same day photo.



Shonan Central Japan. Imamura Brothers

Miku Uemura. Ranking JSPA

Finally, and give it time to download – you will be rewarded – brilliant photos by Pedro Gomes on his Big Wave Report.

Sattelite map of Japans surf spots.


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One Response to “Sunday Photos”

  1. Colin Moore Says:

    Cool stuff. One of the shots looked like Pt Lookout, Straddie. If you ever want to go over there, Stay at the Headland Chalets right on the Point. One of the best views in Oz, KT, I shit you not.

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