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Sunday Photos

October 6, 2012

Belly Boarding: True. Hard to find any additional information on this photo, but I would wager that there is a Honolulu connection given long-standing Japanese migration to the former.

Akiko Kiyonaga. Photo: Rommel Gonzales. Nicagarua[/caption]
Two from Jeju Island where the locals talk funny.
Jeju Island where they talk funny.

Snowman. Hokkaido

Japanese surfer. Teahupoo. Total Death Wish

Sri Lanka

Typhoon surfing: Like being followed by an atomic bomb.

Same day photo.



Shonan Central Japan. Imamura Brothers

Miku Uemura. Ranking JSPA

Finally, and give it time to download – you will be rewarded – brilliant photos by Pedro Gomes on his Big Wave Report.

Sattelite map of Japans surf spots.


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