Back with a living vengeance in seven days, promise.
Meanwhile, I strongly recommend Justrecently’s Weblog/China http://justrecently.wordpress.com – above and beyond the call of duty and always worth a couple of visits every calender week.

While in a serious vein, I also recommend Adam Cathcart’s SinoMondialehttp://adamcathcart.wordpress.com/ – tremendous stuff and always a great reference source for scholarly types.

And since my half dozen readers visit this site to satisfy their base (male) motives, let’s not disappoint. Especially, since my previous post Way Cool on Hainan Island proved so popular.

Darci Liu Sino Sister and Ranking Pro Surfer


4 Responses to “UPDATE”

  1. justrecently Says:

    Back with a living vengeance in seven days, promise.

    Reminder: today is Day Seven.Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Thanks JR. The seventh day was strictly for Hollywood types acting in Biblical epics ie Charlton Heston. In the process of configuring a new computer…..stripping it down and getting rid of all the rubbish marketed to non-technical monarchs …so something substantial will have to wait. Anyway, need to do a ton of reading to bring myself up to speed.

    Crikey, BBC radio is great of late.

    I feel a strong anti-christian bent coming on and have the perfect target site.

    By the way, FOARP and other regular readers of your site might succumb, but I will be strongly resisting the Krazy Egyptian Kat Kult you routinely propagate.
    Best KT

  3. justrecently Says:

    Tell you what, the Kat Kult is subversive work in process, and once it works on you, it will be introduced to China and probably replace Falun Gong within days. It may even make commie grannies fly.

    On a serious note, cat-hate is usually based on religious superstition. It’s only too far back in history to be consciously aware of that.

    BBC Radio 4 (on longwave here) is great. Unfortunately, their demise on that frequency is only a few sets of unique valves away. And when it’s the season, it’s cricket all day long. Maybe you would like that coverage, though.

  4. kingtubby1 Says:

    JR. Medievel cat fear. I know, I know, having read my Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Robert Darnton (The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French History) et al. I may have low tastes in music,
    but that is more than conpensated for by my past academic reading.

    I am just indifferent to cats.

    Funny you should mention cricket which I know zero about, but will have something to say about soon for non-sporting reasons.

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