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Offline..Content Purge and New Directions.

January 18, 2012

Leave you with a back post on the Sport of Kings.
Fine Cotton Races in Wuhan.

Sayonara Sino content.

This site is presently being reoriented content-wise towards musicology, cinema and reading materials (plus some of my truly lousy photography) as time permits, since I’m also in the process relocating residences.

Hopefully, this shift will result in a new reader demographic which hopefully includes some female representation, but only time will tell. Whatever, blogs are first and foremost platforms for self-expression.

In line with this full paradigm shift content purge, China henceforth will be little more than a reference to crockery. And the blood-letting begins with my Blog Roll and the insertion of two new and highly recommended entries.

Fittingly, lets start with a quick obit on one of the Queens of the Chitlin’ Circuit Etta James. While Etta isn’t one of my favourites, she nonetheless does a killer version of I’d Rather Go Blind with equally killer brass lines.

Informed musical comment/suggestion most welcome, but I have to say that most discussion of this nature already takes place on Mike’s site (the Beatles notwithstanding).