The 21st Century Reincarnation of the Manson Family… Sino Style

Some years ago when wandering through the local Sunday market next to Westlake in Fuzhou, I came across a much abridged version of Mein Kamph written in Mandarin. Just another artefact for sale alongside pewter vases, old coins, nature studies (girls minus their clothes), flick knives and old watches. Sort of wondered at the time if anybody took the time to read such an item.

Well, Hidden Harmonies answered my question with a couple of recent threads, in particular The 74th Anniversary of Nanjing Massacre. This thread begins with a reasonable op piece by one of the site lords, and then descends into an uber racialist wet dream: race hate based on skin colour, fears of miscegenation, diaspora Lebensraum breeding programs (Australia in this instance) and just about everything else which would have appealed to the Mad Paper Hanger fron Linz, George Rosenberg, Houston Stewart Chamberlain et al.

# Is China heading for another Cultural Revolution?

(Naturally, a number of regular posters got pretty exercised about this Xmas offering to the blogosphere, but they were given a short shift.)

Nothing harmonic here, more like a case of True Colours. And I thought Charlie Mansion was the only one with really weird ideas about women and race relations.

No Mansion links, but two reads which make my point.

The Family: The Whole Charlie Mansion Horror Show Ed Sanders 1972

Charles Manson: Music, Mayhem, Murder Tommy Udo

The Family who croaked the '60s

2 Responses to “The 21st Century Reincarnation of the Manson Family… Sino Style”

  1. Alex Says:

    Thank you for reading Hidden Harmonies so the rest of us don’t have to.

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Alex. An above and beyond call of duty, plus a lot of ginger beer to line the stomach.

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