Slow Week………so lets clear the desk.

Where better to start than the China Daily and this piece of reportage – China fully committed to democracy

Dong Yunhu, vice-minister of the State Council Information Office, delivered a speech at the fourth Bali Democracy Forum on Thursday.

Read his speech HERE and then look up the word disconnect in the OED

If you follow the China Media Project and Justrecentlys recent translations of Beijing’s new media and cultural directions, you will have developed the stamina to get thru Dong’s drivel. I persevered to the very last sentence simply because I’m attracted to S @ M.

If you can deal with the pay wall, the Financial Times today reports that China’s love affair with blogging wanes.

Drawing on CMP distinctions between traditional ‘public opinion guidance’ and recent calls for ‘public opinion channeling/spin’ the FTs explanation revolves around neither. Instead good old-fashioned technical methods (plus a bit of rerouting trickery) are being employed to manage undesirable content and tweeting. The old script given another lease of life.

Fight the FTs pay wall as it is a good read. Couldn’t link as I’ve exhausted my weekly click limit.

Referencing Op pieces and Comments.

I was reminded of this issue when reading recent commenter Lorin’s mission statement on his site. Other site lords have also canvassed this issue. So I am asking what are the minimal acceptable standards for blog writing which has scholarly pretensions (which is not this site)?

I’m old-school in this regard and expect full academic citations which are checkable. As a person who rarely buys books anymore, and having lost my library thru water damage, and therefore depend on a number of good-to-excellent public libraries, I’m torn between getting my point off quickly and delay until I have the necessary tome next to the keyboard.

Your thoughts Dear Reader, and keep in mind that most folk have pretty well migrated to online reading. Obviously, I’m simplying issues here, simply because I want to discuss the main menu which was prompted by a few throwaway lines on Custers site earlier this morning involving a favourite movie and writer.

Nightmare Alley and Nick Tosches which came together HERE. If you lack the necessary noir and carny culture references, try this film synopsis HERE.

How one particular scene of pure lust/unbridled passion got beyond the Hayes Office is beyond me?

Rereleased on DVD. Make sure your copy has the director's commentary

Carny Culture in the Colonel Tom Parker Tradition

Mister, I was born for it.

As already noted, Nick Tosches is one of my favourite writers and I recommend his website HERE.

Okay, all writers like to indulge in a few questionable pretensions, but this guy really delivers. I love Cut Numbers (which I believe has been made into an excretable movie), Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, but was not so taken with Trinities

To my mind, his standout is Hellfire, his biography on Jerry Lee Lewis, and whom I had the pleasure of seeing at Festival Hall. Pure Southern Gothic and I don’t want any comments about JLLs penchant for 13 year old brides, okay.

To pinch an excellent overview from Amazon:

Born in Louisiana to a family legacy of great courage and greater madness, Jerry Lee was torn throughout his life between a harsh Pentecostal God and the Devil of alcohol, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. At twenty-one, he recorded “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, which propelled him to stardom. Almost immediately, news of his marriage to his thirteen-year-old cousin all but destroyed his career. Over the next twenty years, Jerry Lee, ever indomitable and ever wild, would rise again as a country star, and then lose it all again to his own inner demons. “Hellfire” is a brilliant, audacious journey into the soul of a rock ‘n’ roll legend, and into the soul of rock ‘n’ roll itself.

And for any music aficionados, it would seem that my favourite guitarist Roy Buchanan shared the same contradictory struggle between God and the Devil, except that Buchanan hung himself in Virginia jail.

I prefer the Ferriday Killer when he was young and Adonis.

Enjoy the links, companeros.

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