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KTs New Comments Policy…The Self Assessment Approach.

November 27, 2011

The medieval version which has more gravitas than the Charlton Heston version

After doing the market research on Peking Duck and Justrecentlys site, I’ve decided to produce my own commenting rules.

Instead of prescribing the types of comments which are acceptable or which are offed from the discussion board, I’m opting for the profiling approach in the belief that if you meet the following criteria, you are more than likely to write comments which are simply unacceptable in my lounge room.

This Self-Assessment Tool, designed to save time all round, places the ownice on you Dear Reader, so here goes:

You are likely to offend my sensibilities, if you:

1. Live in Beijing
2. Have ever owned a Pink Floyd record – cd and vinyl formats
3. Are a teetotaler and/or a Baptist
4. Have not visited South Korea
5. Don’t own and routinely use a paper version of the OED
6. Frequent Starbucks in the belief that they make a decent cup of coffee
7. Resort to foul language
8. Indulge in sexist and/or homophobic remarks
9. Fail to fully reference anything above your pay scale
10. Are Pugster.

No gentle warnings and guidance before the moderation button is exercised.

This is the Bill Bratton broken window zero tolerance approach which is best not tested, that is unless you want a home visit from my Praetorian Guard featured below…..disciplined, but very nasty types.

Gordon Hookey 2009 "Blood on the wattle, blood on the palm"