Album Art (?) and extraneous notes.

Pretentious title but who cares.

Sailor Capital 1968 Photo: Thomas Weir

Hollow bodied guitars

The music was pretty hopeless, but a cover to die for. Steve Miller turned out an a) or b) side, which said it all about Californian rock in 1968. His first LP Children of the Future concluding with Living in the USA is the perfect ensemble of songs without breaks and with intuitive Continuity.

Before continuing, I better ‘fess up and acknowledge Mike of Loawai Timeshis books and music and stuff page – for copping a couple of his ideas.

The cover reminds me of Guild and Gretch guitars which virtually disappeared in the 70s. Hollowed bodied, large with burnished finishes and lots of metal and levers. Quite unlike SGs and Fenders.

Guild Starfire 1966

I had to fill in time in Kowloon and found Tom Lee’s Music Shop in Tsimshatsui by accident. Apparently Tom Lee is some sort of franchise, but this is one great shop for eye shopping guitars. Trash to serious five figures.

And if your ambition is to join some Beijing/Shanghai rock band – believe me they still exist and have their own net chronicleer – Lee has a range of modern Flying V monstrosities.

Big hair, codpieces and teenage rebellion

The sub-text here is that only Americans, English and Ozlanders know how to play authentic hard rock. Name me an Italian rock band. And talk about the embarrassment of seeing respected economist Michael Pettis captured on telly with beer in hand headbanging nodding to a beyond awful Beijing band, which had the whole empty rock/metal script down pat.

I cringed and went to bed.

This Was Jethro Tull 1969 Reprise. Design: Unknown. Count the hounds

John Berg was the most prolific cover artist for two decades.. Columbia 1976.

Design: Ray Lowry (NME). Photog: Pennie Smith

A brilliant cover for a pretty hopeless band which wore its anti-Thatcherite credentials on its sleeve and everywhere else.

Finally, foregrounding the role of the engineer.

Design: Victor Moscoso. Photog: Waldo Bascom

2 Responses to “Album Art (?) and extraneous notes.”

  1. foarp Says:

    The original cover of Electric Ladyland was a killer – here’s where KT tells us he used to have it . . . .

  2. King Tubby Says:

    Nah, had the bog standard cover, but can post a pic of the bare ladies.

    I just can’t help it if I have such extensive musical knowledge, FOARP.

    Everyone has their cross to bear.

    And anyway, the sinosphere is now both dead boring and tres predictable.

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