Musical Miscellany….

I have not welcomed digital recording methods because it kills the warmth in saxaphones and pianos.

Picking up on the last End Note, some more Fela Kuti from Black President recorded in the Netherlands, 1981.

Black President - Fela at his peak.

ITT International Thief Thief – Parts 1 @ 2.
Join this with the OWS movement. On second thoughts, look out Sino-investors in Africa.

In 1958 Art Blake took this now famous photograph of all the jazz musicians in Harlem for Esquire magazine.

For copyright reasons, go here. Heck, pls google images: Equire jazz musicians Harlem 1958

Theolonious Monk turned up last in order to make sure no one outdressed him. He was also wearing his trademark spectacles with dappled bamboo frames. The ones you often see in older Japanese movies

While in Harlem a few years later, Bob and Earl. The Monkey, The Hitchhike @ The Limbo.

Do the Jerk – The Larks.

Dyke and the Blazers – We got more Soul (and so has KT)

Something tropical…..Horace Andy

Finally, something sweet…….Gregory Isaacs

If that didn’t improve your sex life, I give up.

One Response to “Musical Miscellany….”

  1. foarp Says:

    Kuti is, at least I hope, someone at least on who we can agree. Loved his music every since I heard O.D.O.O. on Colin Firth’s Desert Island Discs back in ’05. B.O.N.N. is also an awesome track – and given that these two tunes by themselves make up almost an hour of play time, that’s plenty to be getting on with!

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