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Sport and Leisure in China…..Part One

October 22, 2011

Getting a jump on the silly season here, and no, this is not about banquet gluttony and KTV adventures, surely the most popular leisure pursuits of the PRCs cadre/business classes.

And if you want a lurid photos of this mainstay leisure activity and foundation plank of the chinese economy, forget it. So, like most Sino-blogs purporting to offer valuable insights into Chinese culture rather than cheap titillation, lets begin.

(Truth to tell, I did do an image search for something KTV- representative, but all I found was a number of loawai plus Sino-hookers making horses asses of themselves.)

Harley Davidson of Milwaukee has been attempting to redress the import/export balance with plans to have 16 dealerships in China by 2016, with 7 dealerships open to date, and gross sales of exactly 268 of these archaic, two wheeled behemoths. As you would surmise, engine size, road bans and noise restrictions have put a head lock on expanding sales among the young, stupid and filthy rich.

Consequently, as reported by Bloomberg Business Week:

The company also has begun supporting riding clubs to promote the brand, says (Harley CEO) Wandell, who rode in a rally from Beijing to the Great Wall in April. There are chapters—called Harley Owners Groups, or H.O.G.—in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Hong Kong. Every weekend, the Shanghai H.O.G. gathers at a Sinopec (SNP) gas station on the city fringes before heading into the countryside. Bikers have to go around the nearby city of Hangzhou, however, because it bans motorcycles

So lets got to China Daily US soft power edition and meet Yang Wei an Easy Rider Bimbo from Beijing who describes her Harley riding experience thus:

It (the Harley) helps me experience the freedom that is absolutely impossible otherwise. It is hard to express in words, but I feel like the one when birds hover in the air, fish swim in water and sturdy steeds gallop on grasslands,” says Yang, wearing a cropped hair cut with yellow highlights, white-painted nails, black jacket and blue jeans – typical Harley wear – in an interview with China Daily.

Now a photo of this outlaw poet and note the silly fucking hat.

Easy Rider Bimbo

Read the rest of the article HERE and die laughing at the hyperbole.

I would not be jeering except for the fact that Harley Davidsons are dated, monumental piles of nuts and bolts junkyards, and riding one is a bit like driving a caravan or camper van.

Now, if Ms Yang ditched the fucking hat (why is it that all Asians have adopted this cowboy lite version?), developed some cleavage and drove something decent, we would be applauding.

1971 Truimph Bonneville

A bit of customisation is called for however: British racing green, dropped bars, Bates megaphones and a full Rickman-Matisse kit. The babe is optional.

The Reader is welcome to suggest other rides, but lets keep the conversation real, so forget about Vincent Black Shadows, legendary Nortons and similar.

And our regular feature. Sorrow, Tears and Blood by the late, truly great creator of Afro Beat Fela Kuti (RIP). A piece about Western colonial repression in Africa, which can now be updated to include China, if you read the Lusaka Times, etc.

I strongly recommend Black President which this track is taken from, and if you become hardcore, Open-Close and other earlier stuff like Confusian.