Following Artistic Failure, Oz youtube musical pigout.

Woke up yesterday morning circa 4.00 am right out in the piney woods with artistic ambitions ie recording intense birdsong on the voice recorder in my phone. The abundance of bird life turned in a stellar performance, while the whipbirds practically stole the show.

Rather than turn up with a high-end Shure mic and Nagra VI digital audio recorder,I wanted to see what could be produced with the most basic technology. (Truth to tell, I was inspired by a recent photographic exhibition taken on mobile phones without the benefit of any digital manipulation.) Net result: download problems which require a bit of technical support yet to be organised.

As Mike at Loawai Times has been writing on matters musical – excellent writing, even if I loathe and detest his musical choices – I felt the need to go lowbrow and capture a few of my snotty juvenile memories after a quick dose of youtube.

Where to begin?

Lets start with GTK aka Getting to Know which came on around 6.20 on the ABC four nights a week. Mandatory stuff for troubled teenagers and delivered on an old Healing B/W TV. You know the model. 23 inches of fuzzy sepia images which stood on four legs.

(“We’re with GTK, Bernie sent us”. Thanks Mark.)

And then be confronted by Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs in full roar.

Now, lets go back to the beginning of family television viewing time.

And in the beginning pre-Beatles there was Oz surf music of a quality right up there with California’s Dick Dale, the Ventures et al.

The seminal band in my youth was the Purple Hearts who played every Sat morning at the Primitif coffee shop. Second stop after checking out the new Carmody Street clobber sold at Westminster Boutique.

From The Telegraph

Kicks by The Librettos: There you go Mike. Killer intro hook.

Most folk have regrets of some sort. Poor career and/or marriage choices, etc. Mine was failing to see The Creatures live, although I often saw them on the above telly, usually with the Andrew Loog Oldham introductory challenge “would you let your daughter get into a panel van with one of these animals?”

Don’t worry. The daughters are now old hags, while The Creatures have entered the Oz Pantheon of Immortality:

Black Diamonds (also covered by the Wombats a retro US garage band in the ’80s).

The Others, an Adelaide band, probably from the suburb of Elizabeth, where the ten pound Poms settled en masse with many going on to produce a number of memorable bands.

And lets finish this embarrassment with Sorry which was The Easybeats first single, which I can recall seeing practice in an old movie theatre in Cairns in late ’63 when I just out of short pants.

There you go. Enthusiasm tops instrumental proficiency any day of the week.

Addendum. I would be remiss if I didn’t include Ever Lovin’ Man by The Loved Ones, their one and only reunion. Still my top single of all times.

Vocals to die for.

Some late additions.

Coloured Balls - Channel 9 with Mike Jeffrey - KT personal collection

And finally FOCO HERE where politics, art and music formed a critical alliance.

Note Membership Cards on right.
You are reading the holder of No. 14.

Who can forget The Curry Shop for the particularly nihilistic punk scene. More ODs than the Pink Mansion.

Okay. Enough KT

16 Responses to “Following Artistic Failure, Oz youtube musical pigout.”

  1. bucketoftongues Says:

    Sorry you don’t like my choices! I do like lots of other kinds of music – was just going through a bit of a metal phase. (At the moment, I’m listening to Kraftwerk and XTC quite a bit.)

    As for your veritable cornucopia, I like the surfsup of The Atlantics and the garage rock of The Others (not to mention the dancing in The Easybeats – truly, those were different days).

    I’m just starting to explore the whole Nuggets-era garage rock of the 60s. A rich and fruitful area. “Enthusiasm tops instrumental proficiency any day of the week” – exactly!

  2. kingtubby1 Says:

    Thanks Mike. I used to have a serious vinyl collection – Fela Kuti, 60s soul and tons of Coltrane, Davis, jazz pianists, Mingus etc plus a lot of rock staples – but I enjoy my 60s garage compilations assembled on cassette most of all. Nuggets, Pebbles, Out of the Crypt and High in the Mid sixties. Just about all American stuff.

    Oh yes, Glen A Bakers kicked it off in Oz garage department with So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star double which a gf turned me on to.

    The best garage from Oz is the 3 LPs (now CD) on Raven Records called Ugly Things.

    Must fess up. My fave in the rock department is Led Zep’s BBC recordings which I bought in Korea.

    Cheers/Thanks and your comments about real estate bill board $ hyperbole really rang my bell. And it is estimated that there are 64 million unoccupied apartments in the PRC.

    I think the sign writers use a thesaurus for their golden verbiage.
    And it used to piss me off if I recall.

    Whatever, if you buy an apartment don’t forget to give it the marble test beforehand.

    Oh yes, I was a dab hand at buying really good baby/child clothing…it is one thing us blokes can excell at, not to mention that it is fun bargaining.

  3. gcc Says:

    G’day King,

    Love the memories. But what about the Red Orb?

  4. King Tubby Says:

    Thanks GCC. Re Red Ord. I found a pass and an interesting blog site:

  5. gcc Says:

    Sensational King!!!!!
    That is a little piece of Brisbane history.
    The ‘Orb was a crucible or foundry even.
    A long long time ago I can remember the question posed by many a lanky Brisbane youth…”you going to the Orb on Friday night?”

  6. justrecently Says:

    The medium has always been the message… or at least, the medium has meant something when I was a child. I don’t seem to remember b/w television which needed to warm up, but there’s a radio here with a magic eye, and a collection of vinyl records from the 1960s through the 1980s.

    The movies seem to have lost their magic, except for the cinema. There, even a bad movie still means something. You go there, you sit down, and you wait for the curtain to open. Stuff too easily available (in pictures or audio, not in writing) wouldn’t usually impress me.

    A computer? Replacable. I know the first movies I’ve seen on television, and I remember the television set. I remember the second, too. I remember those of my Grandparents. And I remember the first opera I watched and heard.

    But there’s a good thing about internet movies, too. Yang Zirong never appeared on our television sets. Not even in the 1970s.

  7. King Tubby Says:

    Hi GCC. Finally found a good home for those interviews I did years ago. Check the comments in primitifsounds.wordpress noted above.

    • andrewdainsworth Says:

      Thanks for those KT. I’ve had them digitalised, with some background noise unfortunately. I have now also listened to most of them.

      Hath inspired me to interview some recording engineers, namely Keith Fowle of 4BC (yes he did the sound ’65 Spectacular and Hoadley’s Brisbane heat ones) and Peter Berthelsen, a co-founder of Soundtrack Records. This latter entry did two demos of The Purple Hearts in August ’65 before the band going onto Sydney, and then Melbourne. Also this label (present knowledge) did a 45 of Bobby Dean and The Worried Minds (interviewed too) and a Relaxation 10 inch record.

  8. NiubiCowboy Says:

    My only exposure to Australian rock has been through punk acts like The Birthday Party and The Screaming Tribesmen, so thanks for this. I’ll be busy digging through recommendations of yours for the next few weeks, I imagine! Wherever it happens to hail from, good garage rock hits the spot.

  9. kingtubby1 Says:

    One of my lifelong regrets was not seeing Nick Cave in his heyday, but saw the latter. Melbourne was one of the most band productive cities in the world. Every taste catered for.

    Saw him in the local supermarket quite often and envied his then hair style.

    Going to do another garage post soon with mostly US stuff

    Thanks and Cheers.

  10. andrewdainsworth Says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve reposted your comments here;

  11. andrewdainsworth Says:

    After listening to your Mick Hadley interiview I can tell you I have caught up with various members of The Back Porch Majority.

  12. andrewdainsworth Says:

    Another version of Paul Revere and The Raiders’ “Kicks”, this time by obscure Belfast r&b group The Wheels. This band was made famous due to connections to THEM and their “Bad Little Woman”, being recorded by Shadows of Knight.

  13. kingtubby1 Says:

    Thanks Andrew. Had a copy of that S of K LP….not a first pressing unfortunately. Totally killer stuff.

  14. andrewdainsworth Says:

    KT I have copy of that LP plus the follow up Back Door Man.

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