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Following Artistic Failure, Oz youtube musical pigout.

October 10, 2011

Woke up yesterday morning circa 4.00 am right out in the piney woods with artistic ambitions ie recording intense birdsong on the voice recorder in my phone. The abundance of bird life turned in a stellar performance, while the whipbirds practically stole the show.

Rather than turn up with a high-end Shure mic and Nagra VI digital audio recorder,I wanted to see what could be produced with the most basic technology. (Truth to tell, I was inspired by a recent photographic exhibition taken on mobile phones without the benefit of any digital manipulation.) Net result: download problems which require a bit of technical support yet to be organised.

As Mike at Loawai Times has been writing on matters musical – excellent writing, even if I loathe and detest his musical choices – I felt the need to go lowbrow and capture a few of my snotty juvenile memories after a quick dose of youtube.

Where to begin?

Lets start with GTK aka Getting to Know which came on around 6.20 on the ABC four nights a week. Mandatory stuff for troubled teenagers and delivered on an old Healing B/W TV. You know the model. 23 inches of fuzzy sepia images which stood on four legs.

(“We’re with GTK, Bernie sent us”. Thanks Mark.)

And then be confronted by Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs in full roar.

Now, lets go back to the beginning of family television viewing time.

And in the beginning pre-Beatles there was Oz surf music of a quality right up there with California’s Dick Dale, the Ventures et al.

The seminal band in my youth was the Purple Hearts who played every Sat morning at the Primitif coffee shop. Second stop after checking out the new Carmody Street clobber sold at Westminster Boutique.

From The Telegraph

Kicks by The Librettos: There you go Mike. Killer intro hook.

Most folk have regrets of some sort. Poor career and/or marriage choices, etc. Mine was failing to see The Creatures live, although I often saw them on the above telly, usually with the Andrew Loog Oldham introductory challenge “would you let your daughter get into a panel van with one of these animals?”

Don’t worry. The daughters are now old hags, while The Creatures have entered the Oz Pantheon of Immortality:

Black Diamonds (also covered by the Wombats a retro US garage band in the ’80s).

The Others, an Adelaide band, probably from the suburb of Elizabeth, where the ten pound Poms settled en masse with many going on to produce a number of memorable bands.

And lets finish this embarrassment with Sorry which was The Easybeats first single, which I can recall seeing practice in an old movie theatre in Cairns in late ’63 when I just out of short pants.

There you go. Enthusiasm tops instrumental proficiency any day of the week.

Addendum. I would be remiss if I didn’t include Ever Lovin’ Man by The Loved Ones, their one and only reunion. Still my top single of all times.

Vocals to die for.

Some late additions.

Coloured Balls - Channel 9 with Mike Jeffrey - KT personal collection

And finally FOCO HERE where politics, art and music formed a critical alliance.

Note Membership Cards on right.
You are reading the holder of No. 14.

Who can forget The Curry Shop for the particularly nihilistic punk scene. More ODs than the Pink Mansion.

Okay. Enough KT