Farcial Legal Process in the PRC

I have been following the legal travails of Matthew Ng an Australian entrepreneur who built a successful online travel company in China for sometime now.

Two comprehensive accounts of the farcial trial of Mr Ng can be read HERE and HERE.

Corporate takeovers PRC style, and the following foregrounds Craig McGregor’s argument about the relationship of the Party to the judiciary:

Chinese authorities yesterday took the further unusual step of revealing that the judgment would be decided not only by the three presiding judges but a committee consisting of 20 of the People’s Court’s most senior cadres, who were not in the room. SMH above

This takeover is right up there with best business practices found in Chongqing, again written up by John Garnaut HERE.

More detail:

How to bounce back from a bad business deal in quotes.

“AUSTRALIAN businessman Matthew Ng broke down in a Chinese court yesterday as he told judges that police promised several times – to him and his wife – that if he handed back assets bought from the Guangzhou government he would be set free”.

“Mr Ng’s lawyer, Chen Youxi, told the court that this showed the true intention of the Guangzhou police had always been to seize back the assets bought in a commercial sale by Mr Ng’s company Et-China from the state-run Lignan Group”.

“Mr Ng’s sister, Wu Lizhen, told The Australian that police and Lignan employees had attempted to coerce his wife, Niki Chow, to convince him to give up his assets”.

Source here

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