Sort of a Christian Confession

After a couple of years posting on various sites, I have come to realise that most commenters are very human creatures.  They welcome clicks and comments on their sites, and if they are like me,  also have long memories and bear grudges to varying degrees.  Respect and perceived disrespect are magnified by degrees  thru in/judicious words and phrases posted for this  niche readership.

There is nothing more satisfying that reminding someone of a past remark and then really rubbing it in. Since I don’t believe in the pop psychology idea of closure and a new clean slate,  I’m probably no better than a couple of commenters who I enjoy hounding when obvious situations arise.

That said,  I think site lords who provide a certain consistency in subject matter and  political perspective are the one’s who go beyond continually struggling for traction to become a rusted on daily read for many.

While I have pimped a couple of sites on occasions,  it would be remiss of me not to recommend Custer’s – ChinaGeeks post on Ai Wei Wei today. It provides a very good overview of the state of public opinion in China today.

While I obviously fail the consistency test and admit to a few political contradictions,  I’m attributing this to the fact that this is my first bit of scribble on the new site.

Back to teflon proof – take no prisoners, eat the wounded – transmission soon  with a piece on China’s electrical grid.


4 Responses to “Sort of a Christian Confession”

  1. justrecently Says:

    At last! Btw, dunno how linking works on your previous platform, but why not putting a link behind Custer’s – ChinaGeeks post on Ai Wei Wei today?

    Btw, I think I’m a more harmonious commenter than you, but where splatter sessions are tolerated (not on my blog, of course), I might happily join in. Sometimes, anyway.

  2. King Tubby Says:

    Yeah, moving the old posts is going to be a real pain as importing only covers text, the photos have to be done individually and manually. Should never have begun with blogger as the comment button is a major problem. Even if I divided the audience stats in half, still quite happy with that first beginning.

    I have yet to work out links as above. Thanks.

    Enough pushing buttons today and still can’t work out how to get rid of moderation delays.

    Cheers JR.

  3. justrecently Says:

    The Economist leader you linked to in your previous post is a preface to a special about China which will run across many pages. Yesterday’s edition should be in my mail today. There have been several China specials published by the paper in recent years, but given that Bo Xilai’s revolutionary concept seems to be advocated by soon-to-be central party secretary Xi Jinping, too, my expectations to this special are high.
    The online article’s most interesting lines seem to be in the second-last paragraph there.

  4. King Tubby Says:

    Totally Agree JR. These SOEs are fiefdoms or mini-states within the larger domestic economy.

    Exemplified by that Garnaut link I posted:

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